“Pontem” Natural 5.30Kg Quartz Crystal Specimen


Product ID 99ES5.30KG-10036
Type Quartz Crystal
Weight 5.30Kg
Dimensions 28cm x 33cm x 13cm
Shape Rock Specimen
Cut Rough
Color White
Treatment None
Origin Brazil
Quantity 1 pc
Price 05700.00

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~from the Latin expression meaning “Bridge”~

The “Bridge” between the natural world and ourselves, this massive 5.30Kg Quartz Crystal Conglomerate demands your attention to detail. Between the conjoined twins and the abundance of Crystal structures between them, you can observe various natural wonders that only occur in the most remote, uninhabitable places on Earth. Large, well-formed, fully and doubly terminated, clear/white/transparent Crystals possess your eyes in a trance that can’t be broken. It dares you to analyze every inch of its mysterious character. Display stand not included with specimen.

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 cm