Our Story…

noun (n) /pOO-vAH/ย – Mouth; Edge.

An American brand that stands for knowledge, trust, and exclusivity in the Colored Gemstone Trade. Created with the intention of marketing gemstones mined from our family mines in Brazil and Africa, and with the goal of making Cuprian (Copper-Bearing) Tourmaline “Paraiba” available to a wider range of Consumers.

Our Mission

“…to use our knowledge, experience, and resources to educate consumers about our artisanally-mined Colored Gemstones, and make these products available directly to them through an easy to use online catalog…”

Family-owned Mining operations:
  • Minas Gerais (MG) – Brazil
  • Paraรญba (PB) – Brazil
  • Mozambique (MZ) – Africa
  • Nigeria (NI) – Africa


  • Tourmaline (Paraiba, Rubellite, Etc.)
  • Beryls (Emeralds, Morganite and Aquamarine)
  • Quartz (Specimen, Smokey, etc)
  • Fancy Cutting and Carvings

Today our artisanal mining operations in both Africa and Brazil benefit the local people by providing fair employment as well as Gemstone and Mineral education. Our field operations and sorting facilities adhere to an elevated standard and work within local law and customs.

Meet the Executive Team behind the brand

Student of Gemology with a background in photography and Video Production, he has proven to be the backbone of our marketing and sales team. With his family owning gemstone mines in brazil for over 20 years his resources in the trade are abundant.

Kevin Ferreira,ย Gemology/Marketing Director






Top of her class Graduate Engineer from UNICAMP Sao Paulo Brazil, BlueCast Distribution USA, and Operations management for PUVAH. Graduate AJP G.I.A and CAD software specialist.

Nayra Brachi, GIA AJP/BlueCast Dist. U.S.A





Industry Leader in the Brazilian market and associated with countless Brazilian Mining ventures. With over 35 years in the trade, he now operates and manages Colored Tourmaline Mines specifically mining after “Paraiba” (Copper-Bearing) Tourmaline. He is a respected member of GJX exhibitioners and other Annual Gemstone Shows World-Wide.

Moizes Lima,ย ICA Member/Mining Operations Manager