“Petra-Attenuatis” Natural 0.75Kg Quartz Crystal Specimen


Product ID 99ES0.75KG-10032
Type Quartz Crystal
Weight 0.75Kg
Dimensions 15cm x 12cm x 7cm
Shape Rock Specimen
Cut Rough
Color White
Treatment None
Origin Brazil
Quantity 1 pc
Price 0860.00

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~from the Latin expression meaning “Tapered-Rock”~

This relatively small specimen is anything but ordinary. Double terminating transparent-clear Quartz crystals emanate from a ridge-like silica-rich Quartz vein developed thousands of years ago in the tropical mountain ranges of Brazil. This unique conglomerate has a plethora of Crystals displaying various growth habits along its host-rock matrix. Any collectors dream, big enough to see detail, and small enough to fit in your hands. Quartz known for absorbing and transmitting various energy wave-lengths, the cool touch of a crystal reminds us of our connection to nature. Display stand not included with specimen.

Weight 1.25 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 10 cm