BlueCast Cr3a LCD/DLP – Castable Resin


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Cr3a is one of the easiest castable resins to print and ensure excellent casting. Unlike other monomer-based resin that requires complex and tricky treatments, BC Cr3a just requires to be washed after printing and cured. No hot water wash required, no boiling, no overnight curing.

Cr3a Settings (click here)

Castable: YES

How to properly wash BlueCast Cr3a:

How to create your sprue tree:

How to cast:

BlueCast Cr3a for LCD Printers

Size:500 gr

Consistent casting quality as BlueCast standard

Ash residual 0.00% _ proprietary TGA at 750C / 4 hrs without contact to air, in a closed vessel

Low cost

– Negligible shrinkage

No primer needed

Monomer-based resin (tested as not toxic / not carcinogenic)

High resolution

Good strength

Fast printing speed

Very low odor

Very low viscosity, no need to heat

Chromacure will tell you when post-cure is done and the pattern is ready to cast

Click below to see the Instructions:

BlueCast Cr3a Curing Liquid Instructions





Weight 0.007 kg
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 8 cm

1, 2 (free shipping), 3 (free shipping + FEP)

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