PUVAH reserves the right to make changes to its shipping and return policy at any time. (1) Shipments only within the continental US will be accepted and items will be shipped within 4 days of confirmed payment via secure expedited shipping. (2) Shipping costs and returns shipping costs will be included with purchase. (3) PUVAH may utilize the courier service of their choice.  Returns will only be guaranteed with 15 calendar days of confirmed delivery date. All purchase after that time period will be considered final, and any return request received after that time will be granted on a case by case basis. PUVAH reserves the right to refuse any return request after that time: (A) If item is returned within that time in original packaging, with security seals secured, and unopened, a full refund of purchase price will be granted after confirmation of receipt and item. (B) If Item is returned in condition other that delivered i.e.(opened or damaged container, chipped or cracked item, different delivery box, torn, damage, or cut security seals, no security seals) or any indication Item has been tampered with, PUVAH reserves the right to subject the Item to Gemological Laboratory testing to ensure authenticity of item. After Item has been certified and confirmed, a refund minus the cost of the Laboratory Certification will be granted.

**Orders under $1,000.00 may request a return label within 15 days of purchase to be emailed to the purchaser to print and attach to the item being returned. All orders over $1,000.00 will include prepackaged return postage with order**


We provide International Shipping to North and South Americas and the Islands in between for BLUECAST JEWELRY SUPPLY PRODUCTS ONLY. All international orders will be fulfilled pending availability of shipping services in that local. To check the availability Contact Us.

PUVAH reserves the right to verify all International Orders for fraud and terminate any suspicious orders. All International orders will need to make payment via Wire Transfer from a certified bank or Verified Paypal Account.