BlueCast X-Mono – 4K Ultra HD 3D printer


USA distributor

First 4K ULTRA HD monochrome LCD 3D Printer

50 micron XY resolution
Down to 10 micron Z layer thickness
190 x 120 x 200 mm printing volume
405nm UV led
USB transfer

Perfect printer for delicate, intricate jewelry and dentistry

Available on backorder

BlueCast X-Mono Ultra HD LCD

Engineered by BlueCast for Jewelry and Dental applications

Every printer is assembled, calibrated, and tested in Italy.

  • 4K monochrome LCD – 190 x 120 x 200mm printing volume
    • 4K resolution enable larger prints, more details, and extraordinary accuracy
  • Faster printing speed
    • The operating speed is 30% faster than the stock printer.
  • Optimized matrix UV light source
    • Hight-quality quartz lamps and a new matrix design optimized by BlueCast make the X-Mono the best option for jewelry and dental applications
  • Improved resin tank
    • A special composite FEP film improve the platform peeling making every print perfect
  • BlueCast Firmware
    • The BlueCast Firmware is the secret that makes X-Mono the best option for the customers need. An incredible and true printing volume and aΒ  professional machine
  • Starter kit includes:Β 
    • 2 resins X-One 500g
    • 2 resin tanks
    • 2 Build platforms
    • 1 Tool Kit
    • 2 FEP Films

Software Installation for BlueCast X-Mono:


Weight 33 kg
Dimensions 65 × 45 × 56 cm

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